“Cyborg Guard Brutality Issues” – 2016

Another Piece for a Thesis Project during my Final year at Sheridan College…
Based in a Fictional Video Game World I’ve Designed.

Mt. Float-berg City is a grandiose and booming city built upon a mountain sized iceberg. It’s population has exceeded the city’s limits, and buildings have risen high up into the sky. Technology has been forced to progress keeping Mt. Float-berg citizens alive in such unique situations. For the average person, the terrain is hardly a concern in their everyday, crime has risen to an all time high!
If by chance someone has survived Mt. Float-berg’s natural dangers and avoided it’s criminals… they always keep an eye on the next big trend advertised on the neon signs!

If YOU are lucky enough to be Mt. Float-berg city’s next big tourist, make sure to say hello to your friendly neighborhood Cyborg on the way in!

MtFloatBerg Number2

Published by Graham Stoltz

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