Sweet Lil Problem

A life sized pancreas decides that they no long wish to work their job, and in their absence all kinds of sweet trouble ensues.
A Sweet Lil Problem aims to increase awareness of Type 1 Diabetes.

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The Big Lebowski Study

One of the greatest films of all time.
These storyboards aim to capture all the subtle details that make this sequence great. Is the clerk looking at him oddly because he’s buying milk with a check or because he has milk in his beard?

Destruction by Daniela – COMING SOON!

A kindergartener is prevented from expressing her love of destruction, until aliens invade her school and express their own way.

Detective Wiggins 2

The chaotic sequel to “Detective Wiggins”.
Detective Wiggins fights to fix his tarnished reputation by contacting the most powerful man he knows, the Sheriff. When unexpected foes get in his way he goes to war in the name of truth.

Shuttle Shocking

A brash superhero, an experienced electrician, and a bus full of hopeless passengers get caught in an extreme electrical catastrophe.

In support of Mohawk College’s “City School” program which is aimed at providing free post secondary learning for all community members in need.

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A parody of “Peep and the Big Wide World”.
Peep the newly hatched chicken had only stepped outside before stumbling on his newest daily curiosity, an energy drink.