Elven Cathedral

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Inspired by “Batman: The Animated Series”.
This 2D Layout captures the majestic insides of a cathedral dedicated to memorializing godlike saints from a bygone era. Moonlight reaches across red and gold banners casting sharp shadows on cold marble sculptures and architecture.

Flooded Vampire Castle

A Layout design inspired by Scooby Doo on Zombie Island.

It portrays a quiet and lonely vampire’s castle that has collapsed and crumbled down into the bottom of a lake. Despite heavy damage, the castle still maintains large functional parts perfect for housing large water dwelling creatures!

Above the surface… or below… the castle’s immortal owner is bound to awaken any minute!

Frozen Goliath Battlefield

“The dead frozen battlegrounds of a goliath war. Snow falls erasing the suffering this battle has invoked, the dead carcasses of giants watch idly frozen in time’s past as their war fades into a forgotten history.”

Loss. No matter how great or how small, the outcome is always devastating.
War holds no victors.

The Battle of the Balloon Kingdom

Everyone’s favourite balloon knights have gotten themselves into quite the catastrophe!
Terrified castle guards leave the safety of the castle walls to defend the skies as enemy forces have begun to siege the balloon kingdom. Arrows fly by the hundreds in massive balloon popping volleys. The crack of balloons exploding is heard in all directions followed by the screaming of their pilots as they fall out of the sky and into the darkness below.

A Sweet Lil Problem

Quick and dirty 2D layouts made to quickly establish the feel of the locations as well as determine the positioning and construction of all the assets required.
Any old alley design is great, but this one needed to feel like it housed a dysfunctional pancreas for quite some time.

Shuttle Shocking

2D layout designs used in the animated short, “Shuttle Shocking” depicting a grim catastrophe on a freeway.
This film was created in support of Mohawk College’s “City School” program which is aimed at providing free post secondary learning for all community members in need.

Additional Layout Designs