Destruction by Daniela

A kindergartener is prevented from expressing her love of destruction, until aliens invade her school and express their own way.

Modelled and Animated in Maya
Textured in Substance Painter
Composited in After Effects
Compiled in Premiere

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Digital Sculpting

A Sweet lil Problem

An animated short about a pancreas that is on the verge of contracting type 1 diabetes, and it’s coworker who’s trying his hardest to keep him under control!

Created to promote awareness of Type 1 Diabetes

Modelled and Animated in 3DS Max
Textured in Substance Painter
Designed in Photoshop

Diabetes (2016)

Created for the Sheridan Illustration 2016 graduation show.
Focused on humanizing people living with diabetes and educating those who don’t have diabetes.

Animated in Photoshop

Shuttle Shocking

A brash superhero, an experienced electrician, and a bus full of hopeless passengers get caught in an extreme electrical catastrophe.

In support of Mohawk College’s “City School” program which is aimed at providing free post secondary learning for all community members in need.

Featured on the Mohawk College 3D Animation Website.