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Social Space Update 3/30/2017

Hey guys!
So a little Social Space update for you. I’ve almost sold out of my entire first run of prints! With just under 20 prints remaining, I’d say Social Space has had a good launch so far! It had always been a dream of mine to finish a comicbook, I never dreamt about actually selling them though! So I guess I can confidently say I’ve surpassed my own dream’s expectations.
Recently I ran into an old friend from my childhood and he offered to represent me out of the blue. With his help I’ve managed to get Social Space into a few stores! SO SWEET!
In the light of all this success, I’ve been working on a second edition of the book which might change a lot… or a little. So I just wanted to remind you first edition owners out there… You might be holding onto a little rare piece of history! lol
Anyways, about that little cliff hanger at the end of the book… The original script I wrote contained (what I’m estimating to be) 120 comic pages. At some point I decided that was crazy long, and cut the comic into 2 parts. The first half of the story (the first issue) was always very nostalgic for me, because I updated and kept what content I could from the draft I made when I was 12 years old. The second half of the story (the second issue) has little, to no content to rely on from when I was 12, and was written and designed later in life.
Don’t let that worry you though! If anything its a good thing for Social Space!
Free of my nostalgic chains, I can confidently say this is where Terrence’s story picks up. All the Designs, Characters and… surprisingly even the Plot gets more rich and mature.

I work on Social Space all the time, and I promise that I’ll get back into working on issue 2 soon! I just have to find my way through some interesting life events first!
Anyways, here is a little concept drawing of the second issue. This is ‘Fabio’ a character that will be introduced in the issue. Residing as an overqualified team leader in the dystopian Mount Float-berg city. He holds a very big stake in the plot, and some of the up and coming character arches.
Fabio vs Terrence

Get excited friends… but patiently excited. lol

All the best,


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